2016 CAN Advocacy and Outreach Prize

Congratulations Katherina Lebedeva for receiving an honorable mention for the best student initiative promoting neuroscience to the public 2016 as a part fo the CAN Advocacy and Outreach Prize.

During her PhD, Katherina spent many years promoting neuroscience outreach initiatives in Saskatchewan. She was the co-organizer and coordinator of Brain Awareness week events including: Brain Blast, Brain Wave, and the Saskatchewan Brain Bee. Visit the Canadian Association for Neuroscience to see Katherina's full profile and award announcement. Thank you Katherina, for all of your hard work and dedication to neuroscience outreach. 

2012 Sergey Fedoroff Student Award for Public Outreach in Neuroscience

Congratulations to the 2012 winners of the Sergy Fedoroff Award for Public Outreach in Neuroscience, Erin Sterner and Matthew MacDougall!

Established in 2012, this award is given to one or more students who demonstrate a particular commitment to public outreach in neuroscience. Activities may include organizing events related to Brain Awareness Week, the Let’s Talk Science Program, or other independent activities.

Thank you Erin and Matthew, for all of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to neuroscience outreach.