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Brain Bee 2017

This year, the Saskatchewan Brain Bee had 13 participants from highschools in Saskatoon and Regina!

Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd Annual Saskatchewan Brain Bee '17.

1st Place - Lubna Burki (Regina Huda School)
2nd Place - Alexandra Hynes (Centennial Collegiate, Saskatoon)
3rd Place - Hasan Jamil (Regina Huda Schools)

We thank all contestants for participating, see you next year!!!

Best of luck to Lubna Burki in the National Canadian Brain Bee Championship 2017 (Hamilton, Ontario)!

              2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee Group Photo   2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee  2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee Contestants

  2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee Contestants  2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee  2017 Saskatchewan Brain Bee Winners

A Big Thank You To:

Dr. John Howland
Dr. Wendie Marks
Dr. Darrel Mousseau
and Dr. Katherina Lebedeva

Student Volunteers:
Sam Andrahennadi
Alan Wen

College of Medicine
Department of Psychology
National Canadian Brain Bee and CIHR
Your Independent Grocers (Andrey's, Michael's, and Dennis')
and Andrey Kharitonov


Brain Bee 2016

Congratulations to Daniel Zhou (Centennial Collegiate), the winner of the 2016 Saskatchewan Brain Bee. Daniel represented Saskatchewan in the 2016 Canadian National Brain Bee Competition in Hamilton Ontario. Thank you to all who participated!

Daniel Zhou   Brain Bee 2016 Group Photo   Brain Bee Cake


Brain Blast 2016

The 2016 Brain Blast, held at City Hospital in Saskatoon, was a great success. Thank you to our 31 volunteers that made this event possible, and to the participants who came out to enjoy the event.

Brain Blast 1   Brain Blast 2   Brain Blast 3

Brain Blast 4   Brain Blast 7   Brain Blast 8

Brain Waves 2016

This year, SNN volunteers visited over 15 Saskatoon elementary schools for a half day presentation aimed at teaching students in grades 4-6 about the brain and brain injury prevention. Thank you to our 42 volunteers that made this event possible. 


Brain Bee 2015

The winner of the 2015 Saskatchewan Brain Bee was Abbie Liu (Evan Hardy Collegiate), who represented Saskatchewan for the first time in the Canadian National Brain Bee 2015. Congratulations Abbie, and thank you to all who participated!

Abbie Liu, Winner of Sask. Brain Bee 2015     Brain Bee 2015 Group Photo     John Howland, Abbie Liu, Katherina Lebedeva

Brain Blast 2015

Thank you to all volunteers and participants that made the 2015 Brain Blast a success. The event was held at City Hospital in Saskatoon.

Brain Walk     Brain Hat     Brain Tent   

 Learning to Pipette         Volunteers and Participants        Mock MRI